Version nightmare

Ever struggled to keep up with the latest versions of your favourite scripts or libraries? allows you to register for free and then subscribe to a list of scripts and libraries. Each day the checks the scripts websites and if a new version has been released you will automatically get an email. Brilliant idea. Website still seems not to be completed but working perfectly fine.

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I have written and released another WordPress Plugin.

BingImport allows you to import images directly via Bing Search. Besides uploading or hotlinking an image you can go to another tab and perform a Bing Image Search via their API. You can then download the image directly to your server and add the image to the Media Gallery. Continue reading

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Random Code

I am using random codes a lot. I use them for generating API keys, random passwords, email verification links and more. I have a single function written in PHP that I am using over and over again.  Continue reading

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Do you have a motorsport or similar related blog or website? Then csFormula1 is for you.

This plugin lets you easily display either a season, team or driver result table for any season from 1950 to the current season. To help you figure out how to include the right code there is a simple guide included. fbs review

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Here is another small and simple but yet powerful plugin.

With seKeywords you can customize content on your pages or posts depending on the visitors referring search engine and keywords. This means that you can make sure that the visitor will find what he/she has been looking for. You could change the prominent text like page titles to include the keywords they have been searching for. Continue reading

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